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POS software
POS software
Some skins for customizing the surface.
Small helpers for the office day
Is the advancement of laptop checkout. Supported now: Touch screen screen, Bond printer (also log function), customer display, EAN code scanner, cash drawer. Can still be operated on simple computer also with the keyboard or mouse. Does not place high demands on the hardware. Runs on the latest Windows / 7/8/10 but also on old XP / 2000 systems.
Touchscreen checkout / EAN-TS checkout
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Touchscreen Checkout

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The new version is now European and can be used in many EU countries. Sets the currency and current VAT rates, depending on the country. The program can be operated with touch screens or keyboard.
The complete solution
Convertible with a simple computer or laptop is an EAN code scanner. Detects press products and reads their price and VAT rate from the EAN code. Knows most press articles with names (D) and prints the label on the bon. There are now eight independent product groups, which can be occupied at will. An article list for your own EAN-supported goods is also available. Unbar payment, Free input, with export function in the required XML / CSV format, but also as a database. Performs yearly and monthly journal. Encrypted storage of the data. Despite this, the program was simple and clear and suitable for the kiosk as well as for the retail trade. Establishes the evening sales figures according to product groups and the different tax rates. A warehouse management was dispensed with. TS checkout can be extended with an accounting module. It enables sales to be made on the delivery note and, if necessary, the creation of an invoice from the delivery note. (Cumulated) A small customer administration is also included. The invoice can be designed with your own logo. Just try the demo!


Problems with the receipt printer setup in Windows 7 Here look

New program. On many requests now - Museumskasse / Schnellkasse.
The program for clubs of all kinds. View Website